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Best Security and Privacy Technology To Keep Your Friends Safe

Security alert, how positive are you with your security measures?

Security is more than ever before. One way or the other someone is trying to get your personal information, then you need to refresh your own “OPSEC”.

During the holiday season, there are a dozen gift ideas from practical tools that can be harder for spies to listen to, here are data-saving tips to keep your information safe without hurting banks.


Passphrase dice

It is difficult to come up with a password that is easy to remember. A better option is to use a longer, more memorable pass phrase instead. It’s as easy as rolling a dice and using a word list! You can generate random passwords for just for a few bucks. Or if you want a mail order dice password, you can ask a minor security genius Mira Modi to generate for you at a cheap price.

price: $ 8.00 to $ 15.00
Provided by: EFF | Diceware


Join password manager

Where will you store all those passphrases? Of course the password manager! Most password managers are free, but many provide advanced features that allow you to securely synchronize passwords across multiple devices. My favorite password manager is 1Password. – They offer gift certificates. However, everyone has their own preferences and there are many password managers to choose from.

price: Starting from $ 4.99 a month
Provided by: 1Password | LastPass| Dashlane


We recommend setting a password, but you should now limit your account to the maximum. A two-factor authentication is a major barrier to hackers. The most powerful protection device is Yubikey, a physical NFC-enabled USB stick that lets  Google, Facebook, Twitter and other supported services know that it is you. Yuibikeys is the standard for 2factor keys.

price: ~ $ 45.00
Provided by: Yubikey

Burner phone

Yo need to make a phone call without being tracked easily. The burner phone is your friend. Although not perfect, a burner phone makes it difficult in being tracked, making it even more difficult to identify you in the vast ocean of metadata and call logs. It is not easy to find a good burner phone – it depends on the type of threat you are facing. Inexpensive and usable phones such as the ZTE Z233 can be purchased at many department stores and metropolitan pharmacies. You have to pay cash to avoid traces of financial paperworks. The point of the burner phone is that you ditch it after its main purpose of purchase You can use an app that generates a temporary phone number, such as a burner.

price: About $ 19.99
Provided by: Target | Sears

Counter-surveillance infrared glasses

Whatever surpasses surveillance cameras such as invisible infrared – and manufacturers of apparel and accessories are well aware of that. Prepare face-shielding infrared-emitting glasses in cities with many CCTVs. You can also buy  “stealthwear” clothing that can be turned over and mixed with the crowd.

price: $ 95.00 – $ 125.00
Provided by: Reflectacles

Privacy screen

Thin, sticky screens are not often visible, but they are important to prevent visual hacking attempts. That is when someone is looking over your shoulder and spying personal information. The privacy screen blocks anyone who sees the display outside the 60-degree viewing angle, so the next person can see only the darker screen.

price: $ 18.83 – $ 42.85
Provided by: Amazon (phone) | Amazon (laptop)

Encrypted USB storage drive

Encrypted removable storage is not easily accessible. Because many drives use proprietary encryption with bugs, you should not rely solely on hardware-based encryption. One encryption enabled flash drive is on the IronKey D300. This key uses signed firmware to prevent tampering, enforce strong passwords, and is provided in multiple storage sizes.

price: $ 65.00 – $ 86.20
Available at: Amazon


Chromebooks are lightweight and practical, but they range from low-cost disposable (almost burner) devices to high-end and powerful devices. These giant monsters based on Chrome OS are very safe. With the right tools and guides, you can lock your Chromebook considerably and it can be the ultimate defender from powerful adversary. There are all devices to choose from, including entry-level laptops, midrange devices and high-performance giants. It offers a Chromebook for all your needs and offers uncompromising security.

price: $ 179 – $ 499 – $ 999
Provided by: Google

Webcam cover

Almost everyone knows that hackers can target webcams and remotely spy on you. So catch the webcam cover! Because there are so many products to choose from, you can demonstrate your creativity as you wish. From sliding covers and customizable covers from Etsy’s or if you broke, you can not go wrong with good old-fashioned Post-it notes.

price: From $ 4.99
Available at: Amazon

Microphone breaker

Do not forget your microphone! The microphone breaker tricks a notebook or phone into thinking that an external microphone is installed and works on most devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, the blocker does not choose more than a sweet and silent silence. Most microphone breakers are mounted on a key ring and can be used while on the move, but anyone who wants to use a breaker on the latest iPhone or iPad needs a headphone adapter.

price: $ 5.99 to $ 15.99
Available at:  Amazon


USB Condom

You may think this is a joke, but the USB condom is real! these Pocket-sized plug Can isolate devices from alien or untrusted ports and provide power without sending (or receiving) malicious data. Because most are USB-A, you need an adapter for all USB-C power supplies, such as MacBook and newer iPads.

price: $6.99
Available at: Amazon

Raspberry Pie Mini Computer

This minicomputer may not look good, but the Raspberry Pi revolution has made developers and enthusiasts overwhelmed . Ideal for beginners learning basic coding, highly adaptable, and highly scalable, even advanced users can build a complete system from lightweight gaming machines to media centers, security systems and virtual private network routers! Security-minded geeks are no match for the open source platform.

price: ~ $ 39.00
Available at: Amazon


RFID intercept wallet

RFID hacking is a place where you can swipe your personal information or information on your NFC-enabled credit card for fruadlent reasons. RFID attacks are not a widespread problem, but there is a threat of card-skimming. EFF has an inexpensive RFID wallet, and other luxury wallets are much more expensive.

price: ~ $ 22.00 – 72.00
Available at: Amazon

Amazon Cloud Cam

Why do I need a wireless camera if I want to stop the surveillance? You will be surprised at how useful the camera can be. Use Amazon’s Cloud Cam. It is the safest internet connection camera. Think of it as your eyes and ears when you are away from home. Keep your home and things safe. Or even take it with you and use it in a hotel room to stop the “Devil’s Maids” attack. The camera works in the dark and can easily connect to Wi-Fi networks and can be remotely accessed through an Amazon account just like any other camera manufacturer. You can maintain security through two-factor authentication. You can also use Yubikey.

price: $ 119.99
Provided by: Amazon

pfSense router

Have you heard of pfSense routers in the past? These security gateways are ideal for protecting Internet applications. Many IoT devices are unsafe or have bugs that can cause extensive damage to your home or corporate network. The pfSense router segments network traffic and isolates potentially buggy devices from production devices. The pfSense router is easy to install and manage so you do not have to think twice.

price: $ 249.99
Available at: Amazon

Lock Select Training Kit

For restless types: The lock picking training kit is a great gift for those who want to learn the basics of lock picking. Transparent locks are the most effective because you can easily understand how the inner lock works. There are a lot of things to do, but do not break your bank from the basic kit (especially beginners).

price: $ 30.00 – $ 59.95
Available at:  Amazon

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