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Can the startup building a Fortnite for VR become the Fortnite of VR?

Although virtual reality has not been proven to be a beneficial outcome for everyone, it has done a pretty good job of luring the gaming community and keeping its niche (mostly) happy. Two large titles have VR-neutral ports, but most VR users are limited to what Include can build or Oculus can fund.

BigBox VR does not build a creative adventure that encourages users to find themselves, but instead attempts to harmonize the physical nature and concentration of VR with social game play, which encourages users to gain greater appreciation.

GSR Ventures and Pioneer Square Labs Ventures ended a $5 million fundraising round led by Shasta Ventures. As part of the round, Shasta’s partner Jacob Mullins will be on the board.

Co-founders Chia Chin Lee and Gabe Brown said that venture capital for VR content is not exactly free-flowing in 2018, and is showing more interest in startups unfamiliar with building “platform play.” You do not have to stop evolving when you create an output title and create a hopefully successful title. The team at BigBox VR has launched the classic cartoon shooting game titled Smashbox Arena. Small teams were really interested in finding what makes VR possible in relation to competing online games.

Funding rounds are often not about past achievements. However, the company is now filled with the following ambitious title: “POPULATION: ONE”.

It’s not like Fortnite about sharing games, but it’s saying it. In addition to being a battle royal title that continues to be a battle environment, certain mechanisms such as using weapons at first and sliding to use Fortnite’s building features are key to gameplay. In other words, the battle exploded as a result of the Royal title PUBG and they all seem to share features among each other. For BigBox, VR features motion control and the general feeling that everything is real-world and can be controlled by the user.

To be honest, many things actually work. All the surfaces of the game can climed (physically grab the surface with the controller, then arm it to resize it). More central action such as rotation and movement remains as a button. This technique is ultimately a non-faded technique, but it is much more fluid than moving around. There is certainly a mechanism that can feel smooth, but this is a tricky and many private beta game.

One of the really powerful things about the game happened after I was repeatedly shot and killed early in the first few rounds. The spectator mode is great. It is interesting how precise control of VR allows you to participate more actively in situations where you are not competing. Companies in the VR space are working exclusively on this. Gamers obsessed with streamers, applying traditional games to VR observation workflows or doing so seem like a huge opportunity.

Battle Royal games are still hot, but VR Game Studios is looking for the right way to get a slice of the pie. Perhaps the key is knowing where to innovate while realizing that multi-platform Fortnite is not yet looking for a way to VR. It is best to find a title that scratches the itch.

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