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Everything You Need To know About Admob

ADMOB – what is it?

AdMob is a platform where google tends to give commission to those who run Google ads on their App. To a street man, AdMob is to App developers , what AdSense is, to Bloggers

Google admob is an interface where google advertises peoples, companies and websites on apps you download from Playstore. It is a platform that gives mobile App developers a medium to earn from their app.

I am sure we have for once come across application that pops up ads of different types when u launched them. You also must have noticed some apps you download from playstore pop up advert and video. The app developers gets paid from advert/video each and every time you view or clicked adverts on their Apps

This platforms was designed by Google to give commission to those who serve google ads on their App. I believe most of you have downloaded some free Apps, while going through this apps you See some ads popping up and down. The moment you click on them technically, you are crediting the the apps owners account.

How to receive your payment

According to what study has shown, Google makes payment on every 21st of each month and before you can be eligible for payment:

  • The address you provided for Google must have been verified.Verification of your account starts immediately your earning hits $10
  • Google will send your verification PIN to your home address, and this PIN is expected to get to you within 2-4 weeks.
  • The pin contain codes which you are expected to enter in your dashboard. After this, you are eligible to receive your earnings from Google.
  • Also, if your earnings do not reach $100 before 21st of each month, then your withdrawal is shifted to the following month.

After creating your admob account, you will then have to that Google will build or design an app that will serve the ads people will view and click on. There are some cases where people purchase an app from developers which depends on your skills.

This is just the nitty-gritty or basics of what Admob entails, if you would like more post on Admob in the future, don’t forget to hit the like button, share and comment below.

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