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Facebook launching it’s Cryptocurrency Soonest

Cryptocurrency a type of digital currency is a simple virtual or digital currency that does not require bills or coins to print.

It is a line of code (programming) with value to buy or sell for money.

Facebook Cryptocurrency is preparing to launch its own digital currency to join the world. GlobalCoin.

According to a report, GlobalCoin will start next year (2020), and Facebook said that digital coins will be easier to use and financial transactions will be cheaper and safer.

The company works with banks and brokers to allow users to change and migrate Western Union or international currencies to GlobalCoin at lower transaction costs.

Do You think Globalcoin would outperform other forms of Cryptocurrency? the likes of Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin(BTC) which are well know in the digital world of cryptocurrencies.

Let me know what you think about Facebook’s GlobalCoin In the comments section.

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