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Federal SARS Brutality On Nigerians Using Apple

It’s longer news, at the alarming rate at which FSARS have being harassing Nigerian youth in past years till date, due to possession of sophisticated gadget majorly Apple products. Firstly, the question we should ask ourselves is how do they work as an organization?  It’s a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID). According to the history on how SARS became a prominent figure in Nigeria was due to inability of the Police dealing with a robbery issue which paved way for the creation of SARS under the Police Force, said by Ex-IGP Mike Okiro The Daily Trust .

Like i said earlier they were created due to the fact that robbery was rampant in Nigeria which was said by Ex-IGP Mike Okiro in The Daily Trust to have reached all state. Before moving further, where was SARS when the robbery at OFFA took place while it lasted for hours? Which lead to loss of innocent souls. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad well known as SARS have decided to take things out of their own Jurisdiction in return, chasing after innocent citizens of the state and robing them of their rights which is an infringement to the rule of law. Many cases have been reported over SARS brutality which i have victims of such event as prove, and my witnesses are willing to testify. Cases where an undergraduate was asked what was he doing with a calculator on his way from school and he had an Id card to prove he is a student wasn’t enough. If SARS could ask a student what he was doing with his calculator then they should give us a reason why they have a gun. Another case was where a student was asked why he would own an Iphone 6s, saying that he could not afford to buy such was beaten, handcuffed, he sustained injury and they stole a MiFi device from him. Countless cases have occurred, so i will like to thank Acting President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo for ordering the revamp of management of SARS.

Check the statement of the Acting President below

Breaking: Osinbajo orders full overhaul of SARS

My second Question is why do they go against innocent citizens of the state and abandon their civic responsibility which plays a crucial role in the society? would like this to be discussed in the comment section below.


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