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Grammer Checker

Free Online Grammar Checker 2018

You will find “Grammar-Nazi” making corrections everywhere, but when you actually need them, there’s no luck! whether copywriter, editor, small business owner, web developer, or student, requires grammatical perfection. But sometimes even the most proficient English users can make foolish mistakes. Thankfully there are certain software programs that are used as great tools to check for typos or grammatical mistakes.

One of the most popular programs out there is grammar. More than 250 grammatical errors can be detected and corrected, so you can write confidently anywhere on the web. You do not need to log on to the website if you copy / paste the content / document to your site or make it for MS Office only. You can get more detailed suggestions related to your content, so you can write much more sophisticated content or if you are like me and keep it simple. The only fly in the ointment is to upgrade to the premium version to access advanced features. And it will cost you money! It is also a good idea to look at other alternatives and see what works best for your needs.

Best sites like Grammar 2018


Ginger is a very easy-to-use grammar software that includes features such as keyboard theme customization, predictive text, spell checker, grammar checker, dictionary, emoji, languages ​​and text readers translated up to 40 languages. This website has a “Personal Trainer” section that you can use to identify common mistakes in the past. Ginger is accessible on a wide range of platforms, including Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Windows. Sites are mostly free, but you can upgrade to premium plans for other features such as proofreading, error analysis and article rewriter

Slick Write:

Smoothly write

Slick Write is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated grammar checking software programs. Unlike Ginger, there is no on-site payment plan for this service. All features are free! The most popular features include quick searches to get additional information about words / phrases, vocabulary diversity, key statistics, advanced settings customization, word connectors, and hint enable / disable. Slick Write is especially good for experts, students and bloggers alike. The only disadvantage is that this software extension is only available for Chrome and Firefox. There are no separate apps for other platforms.

Grammar check:

Grammar check

If you’re looking for free software to do all the basics, check out Grammar Check. You simply go to your website, insert the text you want to correct, and click “Free Check” or “Deep Check”. Free Check detects spelling errors and provides grammatical and stylized suggestions, but the Deep Check button inspects everything the same for more details, and identifies errors that are otherwise difficult to catch. The Grammar Check has a blog section with interesting topics, such as how to write a book, sites to check for plagiarism, and controversial essay topics. What else? If you are a loyal Grammar Check user you can get a 20% discount on your Grammarly subscription!


White smoke

WhiteSmoke is a highly respected grammar checker website available in the market today. Forbes has rated it as the best tool for every business! Like other software programs, this software offers three aspects of spelling, style and grammar. WhiteSmoke also has a built-in plagiarism scanner and boasts more than 100 templates for resumes and e-mail. This software is supported on a variety of platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Windows, Microsoft Word and Mac OS. Our only disappointment with Whitesmoke is that it’s not free just like grammarly.


Paper Later

PaperRater is another hot popular among professional writers. Like WhiteSmoke, this software provides plagiarism checks within websites. It also effectively corrects all grammatical and spelling errors. It also uses online calibrators to deeply analyze content and provide suggestions for parameters such as vocabulary usage, sentence opening, readability, manual speech identification, and avoidance. This is especially useful for students submitting academic essays or other large documents.


1 Checker

1Checker provides a free, cost-effective website that turns your writing into a more professional one. The tool efficiently translates grammar, spelling, styles, and vocabulary, translating text into other languages ​​as needed. Devices such as Windows, Mac, Windows 8, and can be used as word plugin, Outlook plugins, and on browsers. Just sign up and start your account. 1Checker provides access to templates for various types of documents in case you do not know where to start.


Professional Writing Tools

ProWritingAid is a website with an excellent interface. Currently over 500 copywriters, editors, students, writers and other professionals are using it. The software provides in-depth reports on text covering aspects such as grammar, overused words, styles, cliched sentences, sentence length, pronouns, italics, transitions, and utterances. There are also built-in dictionaries and plagiarism checkers. ProWritingAid is available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. Unfortunately, this software is priced.


Grammar foundation

When you first open the GrammarBase website, you can see that it looks distorted due to poor design. But do not be fooled by its unattractive appearance. It is actually a great alternative to grammar. GrammarBase does the job for free and does it too fast! There is no need to go through complicated downloading procedures. Instead, just paste the text into a white box and click “Start verification”. Like other grammar checkers, this website provides detailed grammar analysis by modifying grammar, spelling, punctuation or contextual errors.

Proofread Bot:

Calibration Bot

As the name implies, the Proofread Bot automatically scans the document / text for any mistake and then provides suggestions for correcting these errors. The proof bots can correct styles, punctuation, tense, spacing, and readability. Like GrammarBase, this website does not need to be separately integrated into the device. Simply copy the content and paste it into an empty box on the right side of the homepage. This means that if you are installing for a particular platform, you’ll be happy to know that this software is supported in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Android, Chrome, WordPress, Drupal, Firefox and Facebook.


Virtual Writing Teacher

Another simple grammar checker, VirtualWritingTutor, can calculate word counts, correct spelling errors, check grammar and punctuation errors, use better grammar and vocabulary to correct phrases, and learn how to pronounce words correctly. If you are a professor or author, this site will also help you improve your proofing skills. You can do all this for free! You must be a member to check 3000 words (free). The number of words for non-members is 500 words. To correct content using VirtualWritingTutor, simply copy and paste the text into an empty box.


Sentence checker

SentenceChecker may not be the most widely used grammar checker. However, it is one of the most efficient products backed by a very simple and sophisticated interface. The home page is completely confusing by displaying only one white box that users can type or paste text / documents to proofread. The “Check Text” button helps you highlight errors and correct errors. What else? SentenceChecker allows you to proofread and translate text in over 25 different languages. There is also a plagiarism checker built in.

After The Deadline (aka PolishMyWriting):

After closing

After The Deadline, developed by Automatic Inventions, is a great alternative to Grammarly because it helps you check spelling errors while providing a thorough grammar and style suggestion. If you type text into the box, this website will quickly check for errors and display them with colored underlines. After The Deadline can be corrected in several languages, including French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.


Spellcheck Plus

SpellCheckPlus is an easy-to-use grammar checker that works with both free and professional versions. The difference is that with the latter, you can avoid annoying ads, access a resizable editor, use interactive grammar lessons, detailed reports of errors, and many other features. In other words, if you are looking for basic proofing tools for casual articles or documents, the free version should suffice. You do not need to download any apps or APK files to use the site. Just type or paste the English text in the box and select the “Check Text” option.



Gramlee is not a basic grammar checker. Rather, it acts as a good proofreader for serious content, including papers and large important documents. In fact, it only serves as a proofreader, examining text beyond spelling and punctuation, and providing short, accurate, and grammatically perfect content. Gramlee works a little differently than the other websites listed here. You must paste the content into the box and send it. After that, they will copy your text and send the modified material directly to your email within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the service is not free, but only 3 cents per word. This is a very low price.



Nounplus is a completely free grammar checker website that attempts to detect and fix the most common grammar and spelling errors. It is for everyone who needs to correct their text. Use it for social media, school homework or business purposes. Nounplus works on a variety of devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows.

conclusion :

Grammarly is still considered one of the best grammar checkers, but if but if you don’t want to spend much, and you need the right tools, you might want to check these alternatives. Some of them offer a premium plan similar to the grammarly. However, they are still inexpensive and the free version can complete the basic task. Tell us which one turns out to be your favorite, and other great alternatives we’ve missed.

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