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Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Banned From The Play Store

Google has update its Play Store developer policies to ban numerous apps, which include cryptocurrency mining  apps and disruptive adverts,Reported by Andriod Police.

When we talk about cryptocurrency apps, Google says mining apps are now prohibited in Play Stores, however apps that “remotely control the mining of cryptocurrency” are still permitted. Apple also banned apps that mine cryptocurrencies, pointing out that the allowed minning app are those that mine outside of the device such as he clould-based mining.

Replicated apps are also prohibited in Google Play Store. Meaning, apps that provide the same function or services as pre-existed app on the platform . Apps can be removed if they reproduce content from another app without including anything new, distinguishable or a unique content, or if a developer makes more than one apps which have similar content. Additionally, “apps which can be created by means of an automatic tool, wizard service, or primarily based on templates submitted to Google Play via the operator of that service on behalf of others aren’t allowed,” the company explains.

Apps that “remotely control the mining of cryptocurrency” are still accepted

Next, there are new regulations on apps that cope with firearms and firearms accessories. Apps that facilitate the sale of explosives, firearms, ammunition, or firearms accessories have been banned, in similar fashion to how YouTube expanded regulations handling these subjects earlier In the year.

The Google Play store defines restricted firearms accessories as objects that enable a firearm to “simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automated fire (e.g. Bump stocks, gatling triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits), and magazines or belts sporting more than 30 rounds.” Apps that offer instruction on production explosives, firearms, ammunition, and other weapons also are banned.

Additionally the new restrictions are apps that appeal to kids however incorporate grownup content, apps that impersonate people or agencies or conceal their primary reason, and apps that force users to click on ads or information for ads before app can be fully used.

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