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How Smartphones Affect Your Sleep

I just need to make few Facebook likes… I just received an Instagram notification… I still need to reply my messages on Whatsapp Messenger. These messages keep coming and you have no excuse than to attend to them which holds you from taking a good night rest,  on and on you still making  excuses as you keep holding your device on bed.

Still with your device and  you also  switched off the light, which your eyes get focused on the light in front of you even after making decisions that yesterday will be your last! Meanwhile, you know nothing which disturbs you from having a meaningful sleep.


The science Behind It

Laptops and smart phones will emit blue light which the brain interprets as daylight hours. This is a bad situation telling the brain that it’s not yet time to sleep so the brain doesn’t know when to shut down. This occurs  when the melatonin is suppressed which affects circadian rhythm – makes you stay on bed  than usual or expected – sleeping more. Using your devices during the day is okay unlike at night when  you use devices emitting blue light,  telling the brain the sun is still out. This makes it difficult for you to sleep well and when you finally sleep, you sure do how your body feels.

We have now reached the peak of smart phones tech and devices, but more is yet to come. Professionals did so finding to recommend app that regulate or adjust light which are F.lux and Twilight. These  apps produce a special form of light that prepares the eyes and the mind for shut down – sleep.

They have got a wide range of coloration selection which you could use to set to your preferences or make the apps make decisions on your behalf  meaning it’s going to provide you with sets of different color depending on the time of the day, you may as well stay away from blue light before going to bed (30-60 minutes). Tomorrow isn’t rapture so you have the whole of tomorrow to reply your chats.


Other Disturbances

In this part of the article we will be considering other factors apart from blue light which will be disturbing you from having a good night sleep. Having devices at close range will generate such altitude which will engage you in activities like playing a game before going to bed which is common. In fact you might be having the most expensive mattress but you will still get this feeling to reply  your messages when it pop up. This is  an altitude you can rid off but it will definitely take time all you need is self-control and you being in your right senses.

Playing games on bed or getting all social will stimulate your brain and  also makes things running in your mind – The after effect works similarly to that of coffee.  You need to start restraining yourself from this devices as part of healthy living. If you say things don’t just say them for them to be said, you need  take necessary actions for them to be actualized. Old habits die-hard and could take more than just will and power of thoughts to stay away from this drugs on bed. You need  willpower and real efforts if you actually need to enjoy better nights. Medical Blogs will propose you to go for sleep devices to better your sleep.

It’s not healthy if you bring your office to your bedroom to complete your work. These things are called distractions, which will all result to you having stress at the long run. Here is a useful tip, use your day in making productive things and at night take rest all through, remember not with your mobile device.

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