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How to Download Youtube Videos to Your PC

Decided to drop this because i know some of you out there still don’t know how to download Youtube videos. For one reason or the other, you might think it’s not useful maybe to those who have access to internet 24/7 365days, but for those who have no internet access for the subjected period stated, you will need these steps i will be showing you. There are many ways of downloading Youtube videos but will be showing you two different ways in case you decide in downloading a video or playlist.

Downloading A Video

In this step we will be using a browser extension, if you don’t know what an extension mean you can check here for better understanding. It’s easier faster using SaveFrom.net helper in downloading a video while downloading a playlist you should for 4k video downloader.

  • Download browser extension known as SaveFrom.net helper from your various browsers
  • Go to your browser tools or check for Add-ons or Extensions
  • Activate it, after activation Just head to Youtube and you will see a download button on every video
  • Click the download button and that

Downloading More Videos

To download playlist from Youtube, this step will save you the stress of downloading one at a time.

  • Download 4k video downloader here
  • Follow the installation process
  • Click paste link button at the top left corner and a parsing process will begin
  • After the process just click the download botton and the videos are yours


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