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How To Fix This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

Due to how expensive the genuine Microsoft windows is, those who can’t afford it are left with the pirated copy. This is the reason for getting a constant popup. Are you aggravated by disturbing popup which is displaying ” This copy of Windows is not Genuine?” Since you have this on your screen then you are at the right place. This popup shows up from time to time  giving you hard time.


Fix This

Windows platform is the most used all over the world. Almost half the population is familiar with desktop or laptop with windows OS making it the most used operating system amongst other OS. Like I said earlier due to how expensive, people find other alternatives of getting the pirated copy.

This Copy of Windows is not Genuine

An activation code comes with the windows used for its activation. Whenever a user uses the pirated copy of windows they get a popup displaying “copy not geniune”. Now lets moves to the steps in solving this issue.


Lets Fix This

1- Uninstall  The latest or Recent Update

When you keep receiving this popup the best thing to do is to uninstall the latest or recent update to get rid of the disturbing popup. This occurred due to the fact that an update has noticed that you are using a pirated version of windows – meaning you have to uninstall the update in solving the issue.

  • Move your cursor to your task bar and click on the search button and type Control Panel >> Programs >> Program and Features then by your left hand side click on “view installed updates”.
  • Search for the “KB971033” and uninstall that program.
  • If you can’t find it you can proceed to below.


2- Fix via cmd

This can also be fixed using cmd

  • Go to your task bar below, and click on the ‘Start’ Button and type ‘cmd’ in the search box, right-click on cmd and click on “run as administration.”
  • Now type this down or just copy and paste “SLMGR -REARM” without the quote and hit enter.
  • SLMGR this tool is used in resetting the license status of Windows.


3- Permanent Fix

What we did previous steps were temporary. Following this step you will know how to fix this issue permanently. Go to your Control panel as usual click on System and Security >> Windows update.

  • Then click on “Turn automatic Updating on or off” this option can be found under ‘Windows Update option’.
  • Then select ‘Never check for update’ – you won’t receive update from windows OS.
  • Now click OK and save the changes you have made in other for it to be applied.

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