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How To Get 12GB Free Using Ntel

Ntel is one of the recently established ISPs in Nigeria with a 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE), It started operation in year 2016 still known by few due to the fact that it’s still restricted to some states. States like Abuja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt are the listed network coverage for now you can check their page here for more information.

Ntel is offering customers with a free plan of 12GB which comes with the purchase of ntel sim which cost just a thousand naira to acquire this bundle for a month. For those who want to be economical can save more for that particular period because the promo is going to last for a year. You can buy as many sims as you want and will still be gifted with the same amount of data each, on every sim bought. Trust me this promo is not going to last long.

Customer can get their ntel sim card at any ntel retail shop in Nigeria for a thousand naira (#1,000). So here are the requirement for accessing a 4G LTE using a mobile phones or modems. Check here for various devices that support 4G LTE.

Check your device compatibility if it’s support 4G LTE before going for the purchase. If you don’t know how to do so just search Google for the specification of your device then you good to go.

  1. Get your sim pack at any retail center available in the above state.
  2. Register your sim at the retail center.
  3. Above you have been registered as a member.
  4. You will be sent a message for your successful registration.
  5. Insert your sim in your modems or mobile phones.
  6. After receiving such message then you can proceed with registration on ntel portal click here
  7. For you to have access to the 12GB promo that is the reason you have to login to the portal.
  8. After you have logged in successfully click on “What’s New”.
  9. Then activate your promo plan.
  10. Enjoy your plan.

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