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How To Make Money Online Selling Other People’s Products

You don’t have to create your own products or own or stock them. You can direct potential customers to a website that sells products already made by others, and if someone buys a product, the product owner pays a commission.

The product owner also configures customer payment, delivery and fulfillment of the product. This is referred to as affiliate marketing, and it is the affiliates that connect with the product or service that you want to purchase a potential customer.

How do I get started?


Choose your audience

Before you start to find a product you can sell, you need to determine your target  or niche market. What problem do you want to solve using your chosen niche market? The Affiliate product you are promoting must provide the solution they are looking for. You can find a huge number of products sold by affiliate marketing companies like Amazon, Cjaffiliate, Clickbank and Jvzoo.

Start small

Small start

You cannot create hundreds of thousands of customers per day. Start small and continue to improve your online reputation. Websites and social media are developing high-value content and delivering it. There are affiliate programs that do not require a Website, but websites allow you to focus on being authentic so you can come stand out as a trusted professional.

Mailing List

Create an email list

Focus on developing email lists for potential customers on websites and social media accounts. You can send an email to the list whenever you want. This is the most effective way to purchase products and services that you recommend.

love ehat you do

Treat it like one

Even if you work part-time you should treat it like a real business and not play with something. It’s okay to play around at first to see if it’s right for you and it’s a great way to learn. But in the end, if you want to create a real online business you need to treat it like one.

Customer Engagement

More engagement to customers

Be kind and interested in what you are promoting. Learn more about ‘ talking ‘ rather than ‘ selling ‘. When people put it in perspective to help them find what they need or want, you take off their burden of constantly selling. This will allow you to flow from the genuineness of the effort to make money.

The company pays a commission to people like you in exchange for selling products and services. Choosing the right niche, doing your best, and understanding your audience are likely to earn you big money.

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