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How to Make Money with Uber

It is also part of our duty at Wedeytech to help people make money. We always use a variety of hustle, ideas and methods to make money. Some of the ideas we use are ideas for doing part-time jobs. Uber, that’s one of those ideas. You can make money with Uber as a part time job whenever you are free.

If you are looking for extra cash. To pay off debt, to save or to achieve your goals, consider Uber as a way to make that extra cash. The good thing about making money with Uber is that you have the option to choose when you work and the option to decide as much as you want.


What is Uber?

Uber is a platform that involves in a peer-to-peer ridesharing . The goal is to make it easy and convenient for people to transport. The company makes real-time tracking easy to transport. It’s easy. If you want a ride, all you have to do is to download the Uber app, ask for a ride and match you with the driver close to you.

You will see the price of the ride, the driver and the car details. So you can essentially decide what type of ride you want to have. They are used worldwide . It originated in the United States but now exists in nearly 800 major cities around the world, including Nigeria and African cities.

To make money with Uber, you must have to have a car. Your job is to drive when you can make money. On holidays, weekends, or anytime, you can conveniently leave the office. It depends on you.

You may even decide to let your friend use your car and recieve comission. You can rent a car from someone who does not run uber as business and return to the owner when they need it. The major goal is to have access to a car that is acceptable.


How much can you do with Uber?

One way to make money with Uber is to be your own boss. Take charge!. It means to determine what you can make within within a specific time. The more rides you give, the more money you make.

Someday in an old office somewhere in Lagos. I had a colleague who had a company car. But I think the boss allows him to freely use his car. I knew at certain times, he would get a phone call, later rushing and coming back. I still do not understand.

He was a lawyer and worked as a lawyer for our company. i knew we would not go to court because we worked in the same place. Then a new pattern began. Whenever he come to work, someone will come back in the evening before the car comes and closes.pick it up and later return it in the evening.

It came up to me. He must have used it for Uber to make extra money.

It should not be a surprise. Many big boys and big girls can make money with Uber.

Uber is very famous. I have anxiety. For some reason she does not have a car. She goes out every day and orders Uber. Quite a few people use Uber and are the most popular road transport among the elite of major cities.

Things you need to know

To make money on Uber you need to know:

  1. Your car must be good enough. Uber focuses on the quality of the car.
  2. Vehicle documents must be available.
  3. You must have a driver’s license.
  4. Cars must have valid insurance.
  5. The vehicle must have valid road  certification.
  6. You must have a passport photo.

Upload all this online. Let’s go straight to the details.

How to Make Money with Uber

Here’s how you can make money with Uber:

  1. Sign up for UberZ Download
  2. Drive yourself
  3. Drive rental
  4. Understanding the local market
  5. Find a good place to wait
  6. Enable trip requests without waiting time

1. Register on Uber.

The first step to making money with Uber is to register with them. This process is simple and straightforward. You need to scan photos (or photos of the driver). Scan your driver’s license. Also scan road worthiness certificates and insurance. However, you can start registration first and upload later. Click here to register. Once you submit it, fill in all the information there and follow the instructions.

2. Download the Uber app.

It’s important to download the Uber app on your phone because it uses the Uber app as your office space. You will get notified on available rides.

Once you register, you’ll need to download the app on your phone.

Click here to download from your Android phone.

Click here to download from your iOS phone (iPhone).

Or click here to download on Windows phone.

3. Drive yourself

This is a good option when you want to drive freely without wanting someone else to deal with your car.

Don’t forget you are the boss here Plan and create time for rides. You can do it during work. Do it after work. Do it on holidays and weekends. Convenient to you at any time, there is no pressure at all.

If you are not fully employed or unemployed you can drive anytime to make more money. Many rides per day allow you to earn equal or even more money than fully hired people. It also gets a bonus from Über.

4. Driver Rentals

You can partner with the driver to make money from Uber. The person must be licensed and qualified to drive. In this case, you should register the person and make sure he has the app installed. You only have to work with people you know. A driver you can trust. Do a due diligence and background check.

In this situation or from here on, it is based on agreement on how much each side earns. When you arrive they can pick up the car from your office and return it when closed. Or if you do not use your car, they can pickit at home.

If you have more than one car and they are idle, you can find adriver you know and trust, and you can pay extra cash instead of parking your car.

5. Understanding the local market

One of Uber’s most important tips to make more money is to understand the route and the local traffic market. Not all rides are the same. Some places make more money than others.

So you need to know when and where to drive to make the most money. Some parts of the city can earn more money where there is a demand for more rides than others.

Demand rises, there is time to study and understand. Days such as weekends, holidays and festivals will attract higher demands. To find the optimal time and optimal path, you can interact with other Uber drivers in that location.

You can make money if you are smart. If there is a high demand for the driver in a certain area of ​​the city and it happens that there is low numbers of uber driver there, Uber can raise the fare. Drivers in the area will be alerted. If you know the area where this is happening all the time, you can make a plan.

6. Find a good place to wait

Places you need to wait for a for a new ride, look for a good location to wait. There is no need to look around for rides. You will waste fuel and energy. Just get a good position to be filled with riders. You do not have to wait long.

7.Use no-wait trip requests

If you have a lot of free time and good money. It is likely that you will not want to wait between rides. You can take advantage of travel requests with no waiting time to re-ride without waiting. In other words, while taking someone out, you will pick up someone and get a new travel request. Then you do not have to wait.

How does Uber pay?

Generally, you receive payments from Uber every week. There is no excuse, and you will automatically be credited to your bank account. But if you want the money fast, Uber has introduced instant pay so that the rider can get the money instantly. You may request up to five times a day. This depends on your location.

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