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How to Protect Your Phone From Virus?

Smartphones are essential devices to our everyday activities, we have gotten attracted to an extent it has become part of us. Mobile phones is a must have gadget used by family, friends, relatives and my fellow viewers. There various steps taking in protecting our devices from unauthorized users, malware and other cyber menace affecting our society. These threat poses a great danger to our social lives, our career definately, our savings which could lead to Psychological factors. The facts is, these things can’t be stopped, it can only be reduced. The question is how? Remember these steps are not just for mobile phones, they are applicable on MAC and PCs too. Imagining you a business person, lost your phone unfortunately, was picked up by someone, who happens to know about cyber security and he tries to hack into it, it’s more like collapsing your business at the long run. That is where safety tips comes in play, such as not downloading apps from unauthorized sources or clicking on suspicious links, download antivirus software, and keep your security settings up to date.

 Safety Steps In Protecting Your Device

Am certain you have heard of various cases where personal information are gathered to access your privacy. Technology is growing tremendously, so it is required for us to grow also There are lot of virus out there wanting your attention, so it’s up to you ignoring them or fight against them. How do i Safeguard my phone?

  • Never click on suspicious links sent to your email , social media messages or pop-up windows, you are definitely welcoming malware to your device.
  • Do not allow installation of apps from unknown sources aside the official app store, play store, microsoft store and any other official stores, there is a higher chance of been affected.
  • Enable password on your device so unauthorized user won’t have access to your phone. Access like collecting certain information to clone your devices and gain privileged like phone calls and more.

Install Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software is one of ways of safeguarding your device with lots of amazing features to give full protection and control over your device. It’s also provide features like tracking your phone, wiping your lost phones data remotely, Knowing the present geographical location of the phone, locking your device remotely, blocking malware and installation of apps from unknown source. Installing Adsblock add-ons or extension to your browser to which will reduce ads pop-ups to the minimal. Another way to stay save is by installing updates frequently to patch gaps which manufacturer fails to delivers to customers which causes loop holes in our device security. Here are list of manufacturers on patches update.

  • 0-1 missed patches -Google, Sony, Samsung, Wiko Mobile
  • 1-3 missed patches-Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia
  • 3-4 missed patches- HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola
  • 4+ missed patches-TCL, ZTE

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