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How To Use Browser Extensions on Andriod Device

Most of you all are familiar with the word extension if not, don’t feel bad for yourself, you are a step closer in getting to know how it works. Browser extensions are plug-ins that extends the functionality of a web browser. Some extensions are authored using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. These extensions helps make your browser think smart and saves you the stress of using a PC to do all your work.

I guess you would be thinking of which mobile browser gives such hyped functionalities. We all face a common problem when using various mobile browsers without using an Ads block extension you would probably get tired of browsing when your browser starts popping out annoying Ads while surfing the internet.

This is a good reason to eventually have it run as a extension on Andriod instead of using any Ads blocking app. I much rather have no need for an icon or notification running in the background just to keep the  extension alive. Below you find the lis of browser and their download link.

Best Mobile Browsers with Effective Browser Extension


  1. Firefox
  2. Yandex
  3. Dolphin

These mobile browsers are listed according to my view of the best browser extension out there , which Firefox is by far the best in my point of view because it support most extension available on PC browsers. It’s support extensions like Adblock Plus, WebRTC protect, Disable WebRTC, SaveFrom.net helper using yhis you can download youtube videos, User Agent and Customized themes to give you a better user experience.

Yandex Dolphin has fewer extension than that off Firefox, they are effective, good user interface, fast browsing experience and they are the three i recommend to you based on my usage so far.

How to use browser extension which have been made for different purposes, go to your browser setting look for Add-ons or extension then you will see a search bar search  for your preferred extension install then you have added a new functionality to your browser good job.


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