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Life Taking Action Caused By Selfie

Death caused by selfie are becoming troublesome these days and a very disturbing one. I can’t make decisions for you but I think you should ask yourself is it worth it? After taking those photos it does not make you a bigger person than who you are, why not using that time doing something resourceful or making other meaningful fun, not taking your own life or putting yourself at risk. These selfies only build your social media pages in terms of followers which is not worth it, many will praise you pulling stunts like taking risky selfies while very few will condemn you like me.

Researchers in India found that above 200 people worldwide died from accident from taking the so-called cool selfie. These death are caused by fires, drowning, falls and vehicles according to the report. Death by drowning was the most common followed by people get washed by oceans current on the beach or when taking selfie while on boat. People also die by taking selfie in front of a moving train. Others include death by electrocution, guns and animals.

The highest pronounced selfie deaths occurred in India, followed by Russia, United State and Pakistan. Most death in the United State were due to firearms according to the study. The huge number of cell phone users and the “feeling of ‘being cool,’ posting snap shots on social media, and getting rewards in form of comments, likes and followers” are causing devastating increase in selfie deaths, according to researchers, they advocated affirming “No Selfie Zone” due to the fact “selfies take a toll on a large variety of age groups” and noted that some nations already put up signs warning towards selfies in risky areas.

Like I said earlier taking selfies in dangerous areas should be stopped but you can always take them where that area is conducive for such stay safe, and whenever you see someone doing such make them know their action leads to no where. Thank you.

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