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How To Open an Alat Account


ALAT by WEMA is a digital bank in Nigeria with very nice features, not just any feature, do you know you can open a legit bank account without going to the bank to do unnecessary paper work? It has the complete package any standard bank could ever have which include basic …

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Ntel 4G MIFI Now 3,500 Naira


NTel Nigeria has being gainning height when it comes to affordability, fast and reliable internet service to its customers. They are making customer benefit from their service and at the same time gaining ground amongst other ISP providers in Nigeria. Another ISP to be distinguished among other is Glo NG …

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How Smartphones Affect Your Sleep

Blue screen

I just need to make few Facebook likes… I just received an Instagram notification… I still need to reply my messages on Whatsapp Messenger. These messages keep coming and you have no excuse than to attend to them which holds you from taking a good night rest,  on and on …

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Smile Introduce 4G LTE Unlimited Data Plans in Nigeria

Smile is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) it’s services is classified as top-notch which makes it one of the best in Nigeria. In several African countries Smile offers the fastest internet and voice services. When we come down to Nigeria, it’s not available in every state. Their network range lies …

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