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Free Online Grammar Checker 2018

Grammer Checker

You will find “Grammar-Nazi” making corrections everywhere, but when you actually need them, there’s no luck! whether copywriter, editor, small business owner, web developer, or student, requires grammatical perfection. But sometimes even the most proficient English users can make foolish mistakes. Thankfully there are certain software programs that are used …

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Cortana Redesign Available For ios


Version 3.0 redesign of Cortana, released in beta last month, is available to all iOS users. Added interface updates, “conversation experience” with voice assist, listening to music and podcasts, and setting up Cortana devices. Both features are particularly appropriate given the fact that Microsoft’s surface headphones will be available next …

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How to Make Money on Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday is a happy year for everyone. When people buy cheap gadgets, clothing and other affordable things they like. People are looking for the best Black Friday deals, but they can make good money on Black Friday. In this article, let’s look at ways to make money. What is …

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Everything You Need To know About Admob


ADMOB – what is it? AdMob is a platform where google tends to give commission to those who run Google ads on their App. To a street man, AdMob is to App developers , what AdSense is, to Bloggers Google admob is an interface where google advertises peoples, companies and …

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