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Facebook launching it’s Cryptocurrency Soonest

Cryptocurrency a type of digital currency is a simple virtual or digital currency that does not require bills or coins to print. It is a line of code (programming) with value to buy or sell for money. Facebook Cryptocurrency is preparing to launch its own digital currency to join the …

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6 Silly Email Marketing Tips For Web Traffic

By estimates, an amazing 28.1 billion emails are sent daily. This figure can be quite messy when you share it among more than 3.8 billion people with at least one e-mail account. If you do not want e-mail to be stored in spooky spam folders, you should create a smart, …

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Shop Direct From Global Mall In UK & US To Doorsteps in Africa or Nigeria


Interswitch, the Africa-based digital and commercial payment company, has launched a new product with added features to the Electronic payment platform “ATM”. The Global Quickteller Center, released on Friday, allows customers to purchase directly at more than 100 international stores, including Amazon, Zara and ebay, and make payment in Nigerian …

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