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Shop Direct From Global Mall In UK & US To Doorsteps in Africa or Nigeria

Interswitch, the Africa-based digital and commercial payment company, has launched a new product with added features to the Electronic payment platform “ATM”. The Global Quickteller Center, released on Friday, allows customers to purchase directly at more than 100 international stores, including Amazon, Zara and ebay, and make payment in Nigerian currency.

The e-commerce platform provides an opportunity for international entrepreneurs to send and filter their products insurance through a single platform.

According to Interswitch, the quick-teller global shopping center can purchase products and services from the UK and US, including household items, electronic appliances, furniture, mobile devices, notebooks, books and cars from these countries within 10-15 days, next reduce the cost of delivery and execution process in business transaction.

“This product has been supported by a rigorous series of test, user interviews and testing more loyal users of the Quickteller, who share our excitement in this innovation,” said Adetayo Teluwo, Group Head, Product & Marketing Management, Digital Payments at Interswitch .

Teluwo adds that customers don’t need to worry about changing currencies or looking for forex. “All payments are made in naira. This will be used by all entrepreneurs. “

This service is currently available as a Chrome desktop browser extension. Or, the client can log on to globalmall.quickteller.com. It is expected to start on a different channels soon.

Quick Teller is an electronic platform that makes it easy and convenient for users to access a wide range of services such as air time, broadband internet and ticket purchases. You can also use it to pay fees, electricity bills, subscription renewals DSTV cover, betting costs, and conversions.

Launched in 2002, Interswitch is a leader in creating intuitive payment and trading models using digital technologies such as pan-African chip cards, Quickteller and verve available in more than 185 countries worldwide. The company also manages companies in Kenya and Uganda.

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