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Smile Introduce 4G LTE Unlimited Data Plans in Nigeria

Smile is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) it’s services is classified as top-notch which makes it one of the best in Nigeria.

In several African countries Smile offers the fastest internet and voice services. When we come down to Nigeria, it’s not available in every state. Their network range lies amongst these states like Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Onitcha, Asaba, Benin City and Ibadan. They are currently planning reaching out to other state and cities too.

Another good thing is that they offer unlimited plans for customers with no limit available at the mention cities, it’s price is affordable, another good factor to look out for.


Smile Unlimited Data Plan

Two unlimited packages from Smile for customers to choose and experience unimaginable network speed in the above cities.

  1. ‘UnlimitedLite’ Monthly Plan

This lite version of the monthly plan is the first plan among two packages offered by Smile, This version is valid for a 30-days period. You want to keep enjoying this unlimited data plan you just need to pay a sum N10,000  monthly

  1. ‘UnlimitedPremium’ Monthly Plan

This is what we all know as the complete package of unlimited data plan offered by Smile, It’s validity is for a month with internet speed of 4Mbps. Keep in mind that this speed will be reduced immediately you exhaust 80GB of data allocated to you. The price for this version is twice the previous  ‘lite’, knowing fully well that you will get twice internet speed for just N19,800, validity a month. Don’t forget your data starts counting on as soon as you pay for a plan.

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