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Three(3) Ways In Creating An Anonymous Email

Every internet user has an email account these days and it remains a common tool for personal and business communications. Email accounts are available for free from a variety of providers, such as Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo, and you can use your email account to provide additional services such as an integrated office suite or cloud storage service.

However, if the phrase “you do not pay for a product, you are a product,” certainly applies in the case of free email. The company is easily giving away free email accounts to those who are eager to ask by truck loads for users, however, large email providers do this to identify users, build an online profile that starts by searching their email communications.  In fact, the parents of preschool children who have a Gmail address for school have expressed concerns about the use of “personal information in their child’s school email to build a more powerful marketing profile as a young adult,” as reported last year in the New York Times. Privacy is rarely expected on the Internet, but web-based e-mail can also be disclosed.

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Not Just Encryption


There is an option to encrypt the message, which makes it very difficult to read because it can create a scramble. This is almost a kind of James Bond stuff, as companies typically do, and it’s supported in a business-loyal program, Prospect. Encryption is also supported for Gmail, but interestingly for G Suite for Enterprise, and G suite for education, which uses two paid offers, hosting S/MIME, but for most personal gmail accounts. Your personal Gmail account can be protected by third-party extensions such as Flowcrypt, which work with the Chrome browser. Another option for encrypted email is protonmail. This Swiss-based email provider promises secure communications and is the same people who perform popular VPNs, Protonvpn. Message encryption guarantees that the contents of the message are intercepted, but there is a limit to not creating anonymous e-mail. In other words, it is easy to determine which accounts are transferred.


More Than Just Being Anonymous

CyberGhost VPN

Step 1: VPN

The foundation for reacquiring Some personal information on the Internet is to apply a VPN. This is a virtual private network that keeps all communications secure and generates online personal information through an encrypted tunnel beyond the data analysis of the Internet service provider.

The email can be identified by the IP address that verified the source. With an encrypted tunnel, VPNs do a great job of protecting and securing their IP addresses. In fact, VPN technology may appear to have an IP address in another country.

Finally, not all VPNs are equal, so choose your VPN provider carefully. There’s a free VPN, but like a free email provider, to maintain anonymity, users are better advised to use paid services rather than the free ones because they provide you with more chace of being anonymous online.

Web Browser

Step 2: Use More Personal Browsers

To use the Internet, you need to use a browser these days. The problem is that our browser tracking is filled with all kinds of cookies, from the likes of Google and DoubleClick. Of course, you can clean up these cookies with anti-malware software, but they just quickly accumulate out again as they are out, such as the opener on the bottom of the boat.

In addition, most browsers provide a private browsing method, called by various names, such as ‘ Private windows ‘ in Firefox, or ‘ Incognito windows ‘ in Chrome. However, this creates a separate tab, and the browser does not keep the history of the visited sites, but on the computer, there is no anonymity in addition, and the IP address to send the email can be traced back easily. It is better to use a browser designed for privacy from the beginning, rather than creating a false sense of security through these browser-based personal modes.

Check out Tor, designed to keep your users anonymous online by transferring data through multiple anonymous servers before it reaches its destination. Tor integrates the notion of anonymous layers ‘ onion routing ‘ while passing data through multiple servers. Rest assured this is a successful strategy developed by the US Naval Research Institute in the mid-1990s of US ICT.

Combining VPN, Thor offers the best combination for online anonymity. The VPN server is the last node in the Tor browser to anonymize the shutdown node and before the data goes out of the anonymised process to normal web traffic.


Step 3: Use Anonymous Email

Now we have to conceal our IP address through a VPN, and use a personal browser, via Tor, the goal is to send an email. This indicates another issue as the user is going straight to their daily Hotmail or Gmail account, there is no anonymity again, and the first two steps are done for me.

The goal should be to use a one-time email account instead. One way to do this is to set up a different account from one of the major providers, but the stumbling block is the ability to ask for a phone number to verify the account. There is a workaround for this, such as bypassing the phone requirements for, or getting a disposable phone, or burner phone, creating an account for under 15 years, etc., but not even exactly elegant.

An easier way is to use an email service dedicated to privacy, disposable temporary email address. Some examples of this include me, temporary mail, and guerrilla mail. These services provide a way to send emails via their own destructive addresses. These are often used in scenarios where people have to provide email addresses such as registering a product, but do not want to receive spam emails.

These services provide a self-destruct email address so that e-mail addresses no longer exist after the e-mail is sent. In addition, Guerlain Mail is also available as an app for Android for your convenience.

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