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Top 5 Search Engines For Seaching The Internet Privately

Yes you heard me right, we will be discussing about 5 top search engines that won’t keep tabs on you or track you like they claim which we can’t be certain what’s going deep beneath the curtain, since we can’t say for sure it’s a 50/50 chance you might not be monitored. A save tip being anonymous is browse as if you are being monitored whether using an anonymous search engine or not.

The main issue is people don’t actually know how to stay anonymous, no offense there, because you can decide to be anonymous but to stay anonymous is a very cunning task to achieve. Let me give you an instance you can decide to stay anonymous using VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN, anonymous search engine like DuckDuckGo, using proxy servers like KPROXY – we hope you are following, what we meant is any means you choose to stay anonymous with, you should never use your real identity like Card details, home address, your real name and so on. Doing so you have stop being anonymous since you provided them with your real identity no point using a privacy search engine  or any other means to stay anonymous.

Talking about anonymity we have limited our scope search engines. Search engine like Google won’t me mentioned because when it comes to customers privacy they can’t be bargained with, Google is considered as one of the best search engine based on  different opinion from various users but if you want to stay anonymous stay away from them, my words sounds scary but don’t be afraid it’s not like you doing any shady deals are you? Am also using this medium in saying am not in any way encouraging any illegal activities it is mainly for educational purpose. Now lets see 5 search engines other than Google that claim they provide anonymity to users online which we can’t guarantee your data will be safe. well it’s worth a try.




DuckDuckGo is the first-class search engine when you want foremost privacy for searches you carry out! For years, it’s been a noted search engine service that does not monitor its clients. Neither the search logs nor the IP addresses shall be stored by DuckDuckGo servers. DuckDuckGo is the result of a network’s effort to get a search engine that may be absolutely free from monitoring.

Speaking of search engine experience, DuckDuckGo is easy and effective simultaneously. It’s up to you to enable ads or disable them even with ads presence, they are organized cleanly. DuckDuckGo works in partnership with Yahoo and has introduced numerous features too.




StartPage calls itself the world most private search engine. Technically it means activities you do using StartPage won’t be monitored. The interesting part is StartPage  isn’t a brand new search engine that is limited in terms of crawling and all, which means they posses the ability to deliver accurate search result.

It also give you an improved version of the Google SERP. Meaning you having access to Google search but in a private mode where you won’t be monitored. As a search engine, StartPage brings you cool features. To begin with, StartPage provide  search result in a minimalistic form. All you can do is to filter out result based on the time of publishing. That having said you have got the choice to perform a sophisticated search. Altogether, StartPage is one of the top 5 superior search engines for folks that care for effectiveness, ease and privacy.




Most of the many SERP out there, Hulbee can be considered as one of the top 5. Using Hulbee for searching on the internet does not in any way collect or store any form of information about you meaning your IP and any means of identification is safe. To be more clear you can escape cookies, geo-targeting request. If your case happens to be a serious case, your details will be transferred to the Government.

The user interface looks good to us, we don’t how you feel about it, you might like it, you might not. Well that’s not the case. It also posses advance options and a personalized music player if you eventually do play any.




Lukol is a search engine that protects your privacy. That is the best choice in case you need to maintain the Google search result – replica. With this from personal information will not be collected – meaning you won’t be monitored by the internet giant. Lukol works in a easy approach. Rather than connecting you to Google directly, a proxy is used in-between. So, your personal details won’t be available to Google.




Gigablast is a distinct or let me say unique search engine when compared to the others on the listing due to it’s kind of flavour. It’s an open source. My guess is that they don’t plan on monitoring users information. while searching using Gigablast you can be sure of not being tracked. It’s also at disadvantage because it result pages also looks old. So feel free to examine these search engine on your own before settling for a choice good luck.


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