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Tricks on How to Mine 0.3BTC

I know most of you all have heard of one way or the other in mining Bitcoin, it’s a very easy process where most people thinks otherwise depending on how it’s been done. I was once in your shoes, thinking one needs to be skilled technically to be able to mine Cryptocurrencies in general, but the answer is no. You just need few steps to get you there which i will be leading you. First, download this extension from here Getcryptotab to your Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Devices Required

  • An Andriod, PC or both
  • A working internet
  • And required browsers like Chrome and Firefox
  • Using an Andriod phone you would be directed to Playstore to get the app and there you go, you now a miner.

Top your game

You need top your game? on how to earn alot more from mining using a computer with high processing power and extending it with a GPU will increase your earning very fast and if you need proof of work, watch my video here.

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