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Watch And Download Movies For Free from The Best Streaming Apps

Every year, the graph of the number of people using the phone (all over the world) amount of user keeps increasing. For research, it was reported that 4.77 billion people were able to access mobile phones in 2017. But enough of the statistic. What we are trying to address is that in this picture, many of us spend a great part of our time in streaming entertainment videos.

Speaking of broadcasting, you have a full service area that allows you to watch movies or TV shows directly from your phone, free of charge or at affordable prices. In most cases, you can download the content for offline viewing. Yes, this experience may not be as appealing as viewing media on a large screen. However, it is still a good choice, especially if you need to travel or just kill time.

So if you are looking for the best app to watch movie lovers and/or download movies for free on Android devices, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of our best selections,

Top 8 Best Free Movies Apps For Smartphones




Showbox is one of the most excellent movie applications for Android, enjoying the continuous growth of popularity. If you are looking for TV shows as well as entertainment streaming movies in HD quality. Apart from Android devices (phone/tablet), it also supports other devices like Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, Chromecast, PC and MacBook. What we love about this service is the extensive library that includes all the old and really new content. What else? It is very functional but has a sophisticated interface that is very easy to use and can navigate. However, Showbox is not available in the Play store. Therefore, it is necessary to download the APK file and install it from the link below.

Download page – Showbox



Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Crackle is a child in the brain of Sony Photography Entertainment. This means that your application is legitimate and trustworthy. Moreover, it is completely free of cost. You can use the app to watch movies, TV shows, and the web series. Crackle partnered with an amazing production houses like Columbia Pictures, Tristar Pictures, Funimation Films, Screen Gems. This service is now accessible in 21 countries, including three languages like English, Portuguese and Spanish. However, we have identified two minor flaws, a) videos quality in SD and not HD. b) It lacks the latest due to copyright/distribution restrictions. However, it is still definitely worth downloading!

Download page – Sony Crackle


TV Terrarium

Terrarium TV


Terrarium TV is a lifesaver for people who seek out all the latest entertainment, but have a tight budget. It is free and offers a variety of content including movies and TV shows (both streaming and downloading) with excellent video and audio quality. You can often find titles that have been published in theaters. This means that a lot of content can invoke copyright violations. The interface is very easy to use and it’s as fast as breeze, well researched category classification. What else? Terrarium TV is compatible with  Android devices, as well as other devices like fire sticks TV, iOS, PC, Kodi.

Download page – Terrarium Tv


CinemaBox HD

CinemaBoxThis app is very similar to HD animations and allows you to stream or download movies, animations, cartoons, TV shows and on your phone HD for free. The Home page will appear in two main categories-new and hot, also available in the sub-category on the left side of the main menu. Apart from Android phones, it also works on iOS devices, Chromecast, Apple, PC and Mac. Some features include subtitles support, offline mode and kids mode. The only drawback is that update are uncommon – they hardly release update, crashes – conflicting or prone to errors. It is one of the best animated applications for Android.

Download page – CinemaBox


Flipps HD

Flipps HD

Flipps is a well-known application for streaming music, as well as TV series, movies in best quality. It looks very familiar because it integrates the interface of most of the best items from various streaming services like YouTube. Finding content using this app is very easy to find and impressive through all the designs. The best part about Flipps is that you can see the content on the big screen (SmartTV) using cast technology without additional cables, software or equipment. It is compatible with Sony TV, Apple, Samsung, LG, Xbox and Chromecast device. You can choose more than 100 channels, thanks to content partners such as Bloomberg, Showtime, Fusion and Magnolia pictures. An additional cost is required for the ads-free version.

Download page – Flipps


Newest Movie HD

Newest Movie HD


As shown in the name, this app offers a huge library full of the latest versions, including movies, TV series, and cartoon shows.. In addition, it works on platform like Android, IOS and Windows devices. Although the appearance may look very basic, you will love how easy and slick it is in terms of usability interface.

Download page – Newest Movie


Movie HD

Movies HD

One of the most received free movie applications, HD movie made exclusively for Android users. If you want to see things on the larger screen, it works with Chromecast. HD movie includes some of the most popular movies and titles of TV shows, which are new to be added on a regular basis. Very good streaming speed you can see your favorite bookmarks in 360p, 720p or 1080p. You can also download content later.

Download page – Movie HD


Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Like Viewster, Tubi TV is a free streaming application with support ads that provide content in biggies such as Liongate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Paramount Pictures. Now, it built on a huge library of over 50,000 titles, seconds closer to Netflix! The content is added on weekly basis. You can access Tubi TV from a variety of devices, including Android, iOS, Roku, Apple, Chromecast device, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Currently, it is one of the best rankings for mobile streaming applications for free, so make sure it’s off.

Download page – Tubi TV

I hope you like our list of the best free movies apps for smartphone users. To add more  to this list, please provide a comment below!


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