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YouTube Now Showing Ad-supported Movies

You can already purchase and rent digital movies through Google Play Movies & TV, and if you’re signed in with the same account, this is what you see on YouTube. Now YouTube is adding an entire free movie to its portal, and some ads have been inserted to help fund the service.

As AdAge reports, do not expect the latest Hollywood movies. Movies available includes Rocky, The Terminator and Legally Blonde. It is a good movie to help you through Saturday evening, but it is not the latest movie.

Available movie selections appear to be available only in the US as at the time of writing, but may expand over time. If you’re a YouTube premium subscriber, there’s another benefit to paying your subscription every month.

Opportunity for all

This move gives a lot of sense to filmmakers who are looking for more pennies in their previous catalogs and the fluent feeling that they want more compelling content on the platform. At this time, YouTube and its partners are testing the water and only about 100 movies have been available so far.

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